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On any street in Guangzhou, foreigners are easy to be found. Guangzhou is a beautiful city that has attracted many foreigners to work of live. Guangzhou is a perfect place for foreigners to fulfill their dreams. According to the statistics, about 170 thousand people all over the world choose to stay in Guangzhou and half a million foreigners live here temporarily. They are posted abroad as ambassadors, senior officers, senior executives in hotels or restaurants, entrepreneurs, teachers or overseas students. It is said that 70% of the foreigners in Guangdong province are living in Guangzhou or Shenzhen. Guangzhou, among all the capital cities in China, is the city with largest population of foreigners.

With the increasing number of foreigners in Guangzhou, hunting for jobs there is becoming more challenging than before. A Chinese level of HSK 4 or above will be a must if you want to have a decent job. Mandarin House has a rich experience in tutoring for the HSK exam. Our lessons focus on the HSK exam structure and focus, analyzing each question in the HSK and they place an emphasis on combining language points with practical use which will help you pass the test easily. Mandarin House provides you with a chance to experience Chinese culture and to communicate with native speakers under cross cultural background. Moreover, Mandarin House is a designated HSK test site by China’s National Language Ministry, Hanban.



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