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Beijing, a modern metropolis with thousands of years history has attracted a great number of people from all over the world. More and more people come to Beijing to visit or live here. Research shows that 80% of foreigners are satisfied with the working, studying and living conditions in Beijing. Beijing has all the elements that are necessary for foreigners to live or work. However foreigners working in Beijing are always confronted by language problems. Greater Chinese proficiency will be of great help for them working in China.
Mandarin House has tons of experience in relieving your concerns and finding solutions, like lack of time, unqualified teachers, or dull classes. Mandarin House will make a customized schedule and personalized Chinese lessons for you. We help learners set a goal, and together, manage to reach it. Different from traditional Chinese institute, Mandarin House has small classes at all levels, which can be arranged according to when you have free time. Combining theory and practicality, Mandarin House’s teaching style alleviates learners’ worrying of strangeness to Chinese due to infrequent practices. Mandarin House provides you with a chance to experience Chinese culture and to communicate with native speakers, exploring cross-cultural backgrounds.



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