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Direct, 1-on-1 contact is a targeted and efficient approach. A private Chinese tutor helps you to improve your Chinese and will help to focus on your weak areas. Whether it's writing, reading, listening or speaking, a private Chinese tutor will make a special Chinese language plan for you according to your needs.

Mandarin House has over 200 professional and fully trained teachers nationwide with rich teaching experience averaging 5,000 hours. A excellent private Chinese tutor will be selected for you that meets your requirements. The schedule and location are flexible too, whether that would be the office, home or school.

We have 1-on-1 tailor-made Chinese courses as well as courses for business Chinese and HSK preparation. To customize your Chinese learning plan, your private Chinese tutor will look at your learning experience, your goals, and choose current topics that are relevant to your situation for your Chinese lessons while making sure that you understand China’s changing environment. Talk is always easy, take action now! Get yourself an excellent private Chinese tutor at Mandarin House! 




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