Quality. Reputation and Constant Pursuit of Excellence. Learn real-life Chinese communication skills with Mandarin House at your preferred location or online Chinese courses!!!

Over 800 students from 50 plus countries have joined Mandarin House for summer camps since 2004, an unforgettable adventure and the greatest way to experience traditional and modern China!

Learn real-life Chinese communication skills with Mandarin House Chinese school at your preferred location, or online Chinese course!!!

Get your pass to study & work in China with Mandarin House; an official HSK Testing Centre.
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2016, we provide you with effective Chinese courses to advance your Mandarin Chinese skills, in all location and online tutoring.


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About Mandarin House

Over 30,000 students from 80+ nationalities have chosen Mandarin House as their Chinese language school and our expertise and reputation in helping students achieve their Chinese goals is second-to-none.  

We are proud to have won international awards, reached the strictest quality accreditation standards and to have employed only the best teachers and staff who are all dedicated to one thing: ensuring you learn Chinese as fast and efficient as possible.

2014 is our tenth year of Mandarin teaching! Our mission remains the same; we want to ensure you learn Mandarin on your terms, quickly and efficiently. Click on the link to find out more about why Mandarin House’s 11 years of teaching experience, make us the right choice for you.