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1. What is included in summer camp?

  Homestay Camp Day Camp Morning Camp Afternoon Camp
Registration Y Y Y Y
16 languag lesson per week Y Y Y N
Textbook Y Y Y N
Language proficiency certificate Y Y Y N
4 cultural activities per week Y Y N Y
Excursion on Friday N N N N
Lunch box N N N N
Accommodation Y N N N
Airport pick up & drop off N N N N

*  1. Soft copy will be provided for 1-week attendance,
Hard copy will be provided for 2-weeks+ attendance.
2.Lunch box and Airport pick up & drop off are extra services; please contact info@mandarinhouse.com for more details


2.How long does the summer camp last, can I join anytime?

2018 summer camp starts on June 25, and finishes on August 25, the whole program lasts 8 weeks. Beginners are suggested to join us on June 25, July 9, July 23, August 6 and August 25. If your kids are not beginners, we can arrange them to join on any Monday after the placement test.


3.How do you make a 100 % Mandarin immersive environment?

In Mandarin House, all the teacher and staff are native Mandarin speakers. We speak to each other and students 100% in Mandarin. For beginners, we will make them understand by using body languages, facial expressions & gestures and our educational aids. For elementary level, grammar practice and 100% Mandarin classroom activities are given to extend their vocabulary resources and improve their speaking skills. For advanced level, we use Mandarin to discuss daily topics and let them develop the habits of reading and thinking in Mandarin.


4.The Friday excursion is optional. Why is this? How has Mandarin House arranged the excursion?

We have around 50% local expat students and 50% overseas students in our summer camp past years, so the destinations might be places/activities which some of our local students have been to, so we leave it as an option for our campers to join that excursion or not. We will inform everyone of the excursion destination every Monday, registration deadline is every Wednesday.


5.Can I bring my own lunch and snacks?

Yes! please pack your kids’ favorite food if you could, if not, we are here to help! Guardians please let us know on every Monday morning which days you would like us to prepare your child’s lunch box.


6.What is the schedule difference between outdoor activities and indoor activities? What are the activities?

There are 2 indoor activities (13:30-15:00) and 2 outdoor activities (13:30-16:30) each week; Every week the activity is different in a 4-week span, please check the detailed activity arrangement here, the sequence might be adjusted within the week due to weather condition, school will reconfirm with all parents every Monday the finalized weekly arrangement.


Summer Camp Activities


  1. Chinese Calligraphy
  1. Chinese Oprea Mas/Kite Painting
  1. Chinese Knot& Bracelet Weaving
  1. Kung Fu Class
  1. Chinese Song& Poem Learning
  1. Traditional Chinses Painting
  1. Kung Fu Panda Little Chinese Drama Class
  1. Chinese Lanterns Making
  1. Chinese Cooking
  1. Chinese Architecture Building by Lego
  1. Hong Kong Science Museum
  1. Hong Kong Zoo and Botanical Garden
  1. Victoria Peak Sightseeing
  1. Tamar Park Visiting
  1. Hong Kong University Visiting
  1. Maritime Museum
  1. Ping Pong Playing
  1. Suqash Playing
  1. Kite Flying Day
  1. Language Practice in Supermarket



7.What is YCT? How does Mandarin House summer camp curriculum relate to HSK and YCT?

YCT is an international standardized test to assess non-native young students’ abilities of using Chinese in their daily and academic lives. Compared with HSK, YCT is specially designed for non-native primary and secondary students. The description here illustrates the differences between YCT and HSK.


Level Description of YCT&HSK


Level Description YCT HSK Vocabulary required
Novice Low 1   80
2 1 150
Novice Mid 3 2 300
Intermediate Low 4 3 600
Intermediate Mid   4 1200
Intermediate High   5 200
Advanced   6 5000+

In our summer camp, YCT plays the role as a visible learning objective. Parents and students can take this to see the progress they made. Students are expected to complete one Mandarin House Junior Level for every two weeks.(See Mandarin House Junior Level Description)

As the fist private school chosen by Hanban as HSK and YCT official test center. The junior course curriculum in Mandarin House is carefully designed around YCT outline. The textbooks we used cover all the vocabularies required. Students are instructed to use grammar structures to make up their own dialogues and encouraged to communicate in Chinese in authentic Chinese culture activities!



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