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How long has Mandarin House had summer programps in China?
A. Mandarin House has been offering summer programs in China since 2004.

What's the advantage of your summer programs compared with others?
A. Our summer program total immersion learning environment, international student mix, quality, internationally accredited language courses and exceptional service set us apart from the rest.

Where are your China summer program locations?
A. Mandarin House summer locations are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu. As China's capital, Beijing is the heart of Chinese culture; Shanghai is a modern marvel and great example of East meeting West. All these cities enjoy a safe reputation and offer comfortable living conditions.

Where are your China summer program students from?
A. Students from over 30 different countries around the world have attended our previous programs. Your child can experience an international mix of cultures and diverse environment that encourages the development of language and interpersonal skills.

What's the qualification of your summer staff? How much experience do they have?
A. The director and head coordinator are assisted by a team of dedicated professionals including activity coordinators, language teachers and monitors. Every teacher holds a university degree and is experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to the children.

How will I know my child's Chinese language level?
A. Our experienced teachers will give a language evaluation test before the first class. This will allow accurate placement of your child into the most suitable class.

What kind of materials do you use for teaching Chinese?
A. We use educational materials that we have developed specifically for children and teenagers based on our years of experience delivering Chinese language instruction. Of course, we also make best use of our environment during cultural activities and excursions creating a full immersion learning experience.

Will my child study with other kids of the same age?
A. Mandarin House summer programs make every effort to group children of the same ages together allowing for a fun, balanced class.

What kind of activities, sports or trips do you usually arrange?
A. There are numerous activities on offer, some include: Chinese chess, mahjong, calligraphy, Chinese painting, Chinese cooking, making opera face masks, ping pong, soccer, badminton, martial arts, etc,. Furthermore, excursions are organized to places such the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing and Qibao water town in Shanghai.

How far is the host family away from the school? How will my child go to school?
A. Host families are around 45 minutes distance by public transportation. The family will explain the route and accompanying your child on their first trip to school..

At Mandarin House summer programs in China, what kind of lunch do you provide?
A. A Chinese style warm lunch is provided at the school between Monday to Friday. Lunches are also provided on weekend days when an excursion has been organized.


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