2018 August Special Offer

Your "Unforgettable Chinese Language & Culture Experience" with Mandarin House - enjoy one-time special offer this month. 

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Your "Unforgettable Chinese Language & Culture Experience" with Mandarin House!


Mandarin House Chinese Schools in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Suzhou are now running a one-time special offer on all online or face to face Chinese courses - one-time special 30% off when renew your current study plan; 20% off when purchase your first study plan.


Renew current study plan 30% off
Purchase first study plan 20% off 


E-learning Chinese Courses

- Made easy for navigation
- Free trial to see how classes are conducted online
- One-on-one instruction
- Certified Mandarin House teachers
- All courses are learning outcome oriented

Face to Face Chinese Courses

* Small classes or private tutoring.
* International students mix.
* Learn practical and essential skills.
* After class activities and excursions.
* Flexible intake and start dates.


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