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The culture of Beijing, the dazzle of Shanghai, the panda in Chendu, the food in Guangzhou..., each location has its own discoveries to be made and unforgettable sights to see.

All of our schools are located in the heart of their city and close to many international conveniences. The staff and teachers are all experienced in working with children from around the world.

2017 Summer Camp for Kids & Teens


Day Camp 7+ yrs ¥4390 per week (HK camp hk$6725 per week)               
Homestay Camp 15+ yrs ¥8490 per week
Residence Camp 13+ yrs ¥9490 per week. Shanghai Only.
Camp Start Date 20 Jun, 4 Jul, 18 Jul, 1 Aug
School Day Schedule 9:00 to 15:30 from Monday to Friday.
Condition Of Registration Registration Form, Waiver, Terms & Conditions, Medical Record, Copy of Insurance Policy, Residence or Homestay Agreement if applied.
Price Do Not Include Passport, visa, airfares, travel or medical related insurance, personal spending money, additional expenses for non-program related activities.


  Day Camp Homestay Camp Residence Camp
(Shanghai Only)
Registration Y Y Y
20 language lessons per week Y Y Y
Textbook and materials Y Y Y
Language proficiency certificate Y Y Y
5 cultural activities per week Y Y Y
Excursion on Saturday Y Y Y
Lunch Y Y Y
Accommodation N Y Y
Breakfast and dinner N Y Y
Airport pick up and drop off N Y Y
24-hour supervision N N Y


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Mandarin House Summer Program

Summer Program in Shanghai

Formerly known as the “Paris of the East”, Shanghai is a vibrant metropolis that swings between the ultra-modern of now and thousands of years of Chinese tradition. Located in the heart of Shanghai just off the famous Nanjing Road shopping street, our school is accessible by 4 subway lines and near the Shanghai Museum.

Summer Program in Beijing

China’s political and cultural capital and the home of standard Mandarin, Beijing is home to countless heritage landmarks including Tiananmen Square, the Imperial Palace and of course the Great Wall. Our Beijing school is in the China Central Place complex, easily accessible by subway and next to a famous shopping mall and food court.

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Located in the southern region of China, Learning and mastering better Mandarin skills will give you a competitive advantage in Hong Kong's business environment. We are providing high quality Chinese Mandarin courses in Hong Kong!

Summer Program in Chengdu

Chengdu is a beautiful city located in the Sichuan Plain. The city is famous as the hometown of China's rare animal, the giant panda. Mandarin House Chengdu school is conveniently located in the heart of the city, and in a green and healthy section, with a relaxed learning environment.

Summer Program in Guangzhou

Guangzhou has a decorated history as China’s primary international trade centre, but people also called Guangzhou is a beautiful City of Parks. You will see many beautiful parks in this city. Mandarin House Guangzhou is committed to helping you improve your Chinese and enjoy your life and future in Guangzhou.

Summer Program in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the largest city of the Guangdong province. There are many greens around the city everywhere with modern buildings. Learn to speak better Mandarin in Shenzhen, you will have a huge advantage in tapping into the life and business. A knowledge of Mandarin will also enrich your understanding of fascinating Chinese culture.


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